On view online and Chucs Serpentine from 15 January 2020
Outdoor installation in the grounds of Serpentine Galleries opens 28 January 2020
Until 15 March 2020

Jakob Kudsk Steensen presents Catharsis, an immersive digital simulation of a re-imagined old-growth forest, which has developed undisturbed over hundreds of years. Based on field work undertaken by the artist and his primary collaborator, sound artist Matt McCorkle, the work’s virtual ecosystem and synchronised audio comprise 3D textures and sounds gathered from several North American forests. Set up as a single continuous shot that moves from the watery underground roots to the surveying viewpoint of the canopy, Catharsis draws on Steensen’s conception of ‘slow media’ whereby digital technologies can foster attention to the natural world and create new narratives about our ecological futures. Catharsis becomes a digital portal, a simulated journey that offers audiences access to past and present natural environments, slowed down and up close.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen (b. 1987), a Danish artist based in New York, explores how imagination, technology and ecology intertwine. His works range from immersive VR ecosystems to mixed reality installations bridging physical and digital worlds, which invite audiences to enter new ecological realities.

Matt McCorkle (b.1987) is an American sound artist working at the intersection of technology, the natural world and space. Using augmented audio, audio scripting, ambisonics and field recordings, his work seeks to help people experience the world in new ways.

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